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The C40 has long been the mainstay of the solar charge controller line-up, its versatility and reliability have made it an industry standard.
Now the C40 is a fully solid state, microprocessor-driven controller, UL and cUL listed.
C Series controllers may be configured for PV battery charging, or DC load control or DC diversion operation.
When used as a load controller, the C Series (C40) will automatically turn a DC load on or off at predetermined battery voltage settings.
Both LVD (low voltage disconnect) and LVR (low voltage reconnect) set points are user adjustable.
Features: DC Diversion Mode Temperature Compensation Silent, pulse width modulated (PWM), high efficiency operation.
Microprocessor controlled.
Three-stage battery charging (bulk, absorption, and float).
Automatic overload protection in both active and passive modes.
PV array short circuit and reverse polarity protection.
Durable construction.
Voltage configurations: 12, 24, 48 Vdc Max.
PV open circuit array voltage: 125 Vdc Charging / load current (@ 25 C): 40 Adc Max.
peak current: 85 A Max.
voltage drop through controller: 0.30 V
Typical operating consumption: 15 mA
Typical idle consumption: 3 mA
Recommended breaker size: 50 A
Recommended wire size: #8 AWG

Lead acid battery settings: Adjustable
NiCad battery settings: Adjustable Specifications
Brand: Schneider Electric
Output Voltage: 12, 24, 48V
Amperage: 40Ah
Length: 2.5" Height: 10" Width: 5"
The C40 unit is not sealed and not recommended for outdoor use. Shield the C40 from environmental exposure.

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