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Affordable PV Solutions
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8.640 kWatts Whole System
RETAIL PRICE $30,240.00
Everything needed to connect your solar Grid-Tie system except conduit and cable.
Rack Mounting for standard asphalt shingle roof included!
Solar Edge MPPT optimized for greatest energy harvest

SolarEdge Power Harvesting System (DC-DC Optimizers & Inverters)
•Module Level MPPT
•Maximum Design Flexibility
•Maximum Roof Utilization
•Module-level Monitoring

Kit includes:
Modules, STN-135; 64 panels at 135 Watts each
Inverter, SolarEdge Grid Tie Inverter System, 3.8 kW, 10 Grid Tie ETL Listed
Ethernet Connection to monitor your system performance remotely
Wiring and Electrical, Module brand cable set (male/female) x16
AC/DC Safety Switch
Instillation Manuals for Modules, Optimizers and Inverter
Single Line Drawings and Diagram for engineering and building permit needs

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