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Tracer 10 Amp MPPT Charge controller.

Tracer series 10A mppt solar controller adopts MPPT technology (Maximum Power
Point Tracking). The advanced tracking algorithm make the solar panel operate at
ideal voltage which the solar panel can produce the maximum available power.
Compared to conventional PWM solar controller, MPPT solar controller
technology increase charge efficiency up to 30% and decrease the power of solar
array needed.
Tracer mppt solar controller has the ability to step-down the higher voltage solar array
to recharge a lower voltage battery bank. Max. 150VDC input. So it allows
on grid solar panels or thin film Amorphous Solar Panel to charge the off-grid
battery. And the cable size can be reduced because of the small current from the
solar array.

*MPPT technology
*Two Color Black and Silver Optional
*Peak conversion efficiency of 97 %
*High Tracking efficiency of 99%
*Several seconds tracking speed
*Very fast Sweeping of the entire I-V curve
*4- Stage charge with PWM output
*Excellent thermal design and nature air cooling
*Full power output in ambient temperatures up to 45 degree
*Temperature compensation function
*Sealed, Gel, Flooded battery type optional
*Diversified load control: Manual, Dusk to Dawn, Dual timer, TEST
*RJ45 interface with remote meter MT-5 (optional)
*ON/OFF, Dusk to dawn, 1-15h timer
*Max PV input power 130W for 12V system, 260W for 24V system
*Standard 2 years warranty
*CE certificate

Model No: Tracer-1210RN
Nominal System Voltage: 12VDC | 24VDC Auto work
Rated Battery Current: 10A
Maximum Battery Voltage: 32V
Max. Solar Input Voltage: Tracer-1210RN 100VDC
Max. PV input power: 12V/ 130W24V /260W
Self-consumption: <10mA(24V)
Charge Circuit Voltage Drop ?0.26V
Discharge Circuit Voltage Drop ?0.15V
Communication: TTL232 / 8pin RJ45

Environmental parameters Parameter
Working temperature -35 to +55degree
Storage temperature -35 to +80 degree
Humidity 10%-90% NC
Enclosure IP30
Mechanical Parameter
Dimension 156 x 97 x 68 / mm
Mounting holes 147 x 60 / mm
Mounting hole size ?5
Terminal 4mm^2;
Weight 0.55kg

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